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Nobody is any one thing.

We are women.

In addition to that, we’re sisters to younger and older siblings. We’re daughters. We’re granddaughters. We’re friends. We’re Portuguese, Irish, Polish, and Italian. We’re American.  One of us loves to read and write. One of us loves to build and draw. We’re amateur photographers, and professional marketers and designers. We’re residents of Somerville and Boston.

And we’re in love with the game of basketball.

Neighborhoods are a lot like people in that way.

They aren’t only the sum of their news headlines, or the division of their citizens. They’re the potholes in their streets, and the cracks in their pavement. They’re the halls of their schools, and the children in their playgrounds. They’re the trees in their parks, and the flowers in their front yards. They’re the reflection in their windows, and in the feet in their puddles.

And they each have a story.

Over the next year, we’re going to find and photograph every basketball court in the Greater Boston area. From Somerville to Southie, Eastie to Everett, Roxbury to Revere, we’re walking, running, driving, and biking to as many courts as we can find and bringing them to you.

And we think each one is uniquely beautiful.

And we want to tell this part of each neighborhood’s story.

We are women. We love the game of basketball. And this is our love letter to our city.





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